The Big Sioux River Run

Extreme River Run Flight Lesson

Imagine flying an airplane over the changing FALL FOLIAGE of the Big Sioux River.
Perfect for couples, friends and individuals who’d like to fly next to a Certified Flight Instructor.

Choose Between Two Options

  • $149 for a Single Person (will join other single)  flight-lesson package for one (a $287.40 value)
  • $249 for a 2-Person flight-lesson package for two (a $574.80 value)

The package includes the following for each person:

  • Picture of you (w/wo Instructor) next to the Cessna Skyhawk
  • A PDF download of the FAA official Airplane Flying Handbook, which covers basic piloting skills (a $39 value)
  • A PDF download of the FAA official Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, which covers industry procedures, equipment, and regulations (a $39 value)
  • One-hour online ground flight school during which students learn pilot requirements, how to use cockpit components, and the step-by-step flight process (a $49 value)
  • And you will leave with a nice bottle of wine ($40 value)

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Number of Passengers